What AD2.0 means

Dedicated to dental practice management


Cloud technology

Available anytime, anywhere with an Internet connection.


Ingenious user interface

Easy to learn and use for all members of your clinic, with or without practice management experience.



Secure servers, encrypted database, encrypted communication and the most advanced backup protocol.


No need to worry about the latest technology. With automatic updates, you'll be working with the latest version of the software every time you log on. Compatible with Windows or Mac, AD2.0 is also accessible on your tablet (iPad/Android) and smartphone.

Integration with a wide range of third-party tools, AD2.0 allows you to integrate the various features you need to run your clinic.

The AD2.0 cloud-based software suite for individual dental practices or large clinics with multiple locations.

Design for Endodontists

AD2.0 offers a complete patient record management solution, for both paper-based and paperless records. Multilingual interface, Global overview of all aspects of the patient record, Real-time scheduler, Integration with 2D and 3D digital imaging, Electronic forms, Electronic prescriptions, Electronic transmission, Specialist report, Secure electronic signature are among the many features available. AD2.0 makes dental practice management easy.

  • Gestion des rendez-vous
  • Gestion des rappels
  • Gestion des patients
  • Facturation
  • Notes au dossier
  • Plan de traitement
  • Rapport du spécialiste
  • Rapports de gestion
  • Comptabilité
  • Intégration au terminal mobile de paiement
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Frequently asked questions

Is AD2.0 compatible with the Apple platform?
Yes, the coding language used for AD2.0 makes it fully compatible with both Windows and Mac.
Is AD2.0 limited to a certain number of users?
Do I need to purchase a license for each of my workstations?
Can I access my clinic at home?